A vibrant recreational and learning environment that aims to transform the lives of youth and help to embrace hope for a better future.

Firefly Leadership Programme

A future filled with hope and possibilities starts with awakening leadership in our children. Not waiting for the natural-born leaders but developing leadership capacity so that individuals and communities will make better decisions today and tomorrow.

To arouse hope despite circumstances, to aim to a future where an idea can become a reality, where communities can be developed and better their status, much is needed. Still, three seeds, 3 strengths have the power to harness such imagining:

  • The strength of character
  • The strength of action
  • The strength of the relationship

Leading ourselves, leading a small team or a large corporation rests upon these three strengths ultimately.

  Wednesdays 16:00-18:00.




Fencing Club

Inkcubeko is launching an exciting fencing club in partnership with the Eden Fencing Academy. Modern fencing is made up of 3 disciplines: foil, epee, and sabre. Fencing classes are open to both males and females.

Register at Inkcubeko to join us 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 15:00-17:00.




Service Providers Network

The service providers network brings together all the service providers who are interested in using the centre as a venue to run their programs. Meeting once a quarter, its aim is to share all the successes and challenges, with the purpose of assisting each other where possible. 


Games Club

Test your skills and develop your strategic thinking, while having loads of fun.  The chess club hopes to instill a greater sense of problem solving, communication, team work and excitement for learning.

If you are between the ages of 12-25 and would like to join, the chess club meets on Thursdays @ 15:00. Register during office hours at Inkcubeko.

Zumba Classes

The Thembalethu Wellness Club, promotes health and active living and has a passion to see all young people active and excited about life. The Wellness club also hosts an annual race, which is launched from the centre.

Join us as we dance our way to fitness.

Wednesdays- Fridays 17:00-18:00

Contact us

11123 Ngcakani Street
Thembalethu, George

+27 (66) 196 0906


Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre