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Catering for young people between the ages of 12-25, with a variety of programmes to choose from

Youth Centre

A vibrant recreational environment that aims to transform the lives of young people. Inkcubeko strives to equip the youth with relevant information and life skills by implementing inclusive and sustainable programmes that help to embrace hope for a better future.

Science Centre

Where young people are given the opportunity to wonder about the exhibition hall, where they are able to explore interactive scientific exhibits, allowing them to discover and experience complex scientific concepts in a fun, easy to understand and memorable way.

ForMyFuture Youth Clinic

To serve the young people in the community with a caring and professional approach as they mature into adults, there the will focus on healthy living, family planning, sex education, HIV and Aids, substance abuse to name a few.

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11123 Ngcakani Street
Thembalethu, George

+27 (66) 196 0906


Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre