Science Centre

Exhibition Hall

Explore interactive scientific exhibits, discover and experience complex concepts in a fun, easy to understand and memorable way. Participate in learner workshops, curriculum and extracurricular support, science clubs and homework hubs.

Weekdays from 14:30 -18:00




    Three inter-changeable classrooms, used to ignite the curiosity, interest and excitement of learning, through curriculum based workshops and fun activities for school groups.

    These classrooms are used as a safe space for members to engage in peer education and self-study within the Homework Hub.

    If you would like to join or volunteer your time please register at Inkcubeko.


      Techno Lab

      Information technology is of great importance. The 18 computers are made available to members to improve their computer skills, create the ability to  do research for school projects and learn to code in our Google CS first clubs.

      To become a member or join a club, register at Inkcubeko


        1. FET Physics Practicals

        Focusing on bridging the gap between theory and practical, Inkcubeko offers a curriculum support programme that assists schools in performing CAPS prescribed practical’s for FET phase grade 10-12 learners. These activities engage students by helping them to develop an understanding of scientific concepts through investigations, forming a solid foundation through practical experience.

        Overview of the Practical Sessions

        Grade 10:

        • Heating and cooling curve
        • Electric circuits with resistors in series and parallel
        • Introduction to Newton’s Laws (acceleration)

        Grade 11:

        • Effect of intermolecular forces
        • Relationship between force and acceleration (verification of Newton’s 2nd law)
        • Exothermic and endothermic reactions

        Grade 12:

        • Preparation of esters
        • Titrations to determine concentrations
        • Conservation of linear momentum
        • Internal resistance of a battery & equivalent resistance

        2. General School Visitation Programs

        (contact to make a school booking)

        Providing curriculum and extra-curriculum workshops with practical activities for grades 6 -12, while increasing the motivation of learners, their problem solving skills and their understanding of scientific theories taught in class, through being exposed to the science centre experience.

        3. Science Shows

        Bringing science to life by using basic and complex science concepts through interactive science shows. Edutainment is a marvelous tool in motivating learners to choose science as a career path. Activities include practical demonstrations, experiments or even investigations and engaging with the learners through a comprehensive process. The Science shows are performed by a facilitator with thorough training and an understanding of safety measures when handling chemical and any other dangerous equipment used during the performance.

        4. Science Exhibition Centre

        (Weekdays 14:30-18:00)

        The centre supports the development and understanding of scientific theories and ideas that try to explain how the world around us works, through interactive science exhibits which are visual, captivating and stimulating. 

        5. Google CS-First Project

        (contact to join a club)

        This computer science based project aims to introduce learners to critical thinking and development of computational skills, and allows learners to use SCRATCH, a coding programme which utilizes a set of codes based on a drag and drop system to create instructions enhancing a variety of skills like storytelling, creating logos, and game design.

        6. Study Hub

        (Weekdays 14:30-18:00)

        Need a place to study … then join Inkcubeko’s study hub.

        This programme is aimed at promoting self-study and the assembly of study groups to tackle challenging subjects like mathematics and physical science. The study hub offers a convenient and conducive place to study after school, get assistance with assignments, and conduct research on the Internet in the Techno lab.

        7. Africa Code Week

        Inkcubeko is embracing the mission of Africa Code Week: “It takes an empowered village to raise a child in the digital age”: We are building community capacity to drive sustainable learning impact across Africa, instilling digital literacy and coding skills in the young generation.

        If you would like to be apart of the movement form the 8-18 October 2019, please contact us.