ICIP NPC Director report 2021/2022

On behalf of the Directors of the Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme (ICIP) NPC
, I wish to report on the organization for the period of 1 April 2021
30 March 2022. Firstly, it is necessary to look back to this period of time in South Africa, and ultimately
globally. If we revert back to July 2021, South Africa was facing the effects of the 3rd wave of the COVID
19 pandemic. On the 10th of July there were 21,610 new cases nationally, with a 7day average of
±19,000. There had been more than18,000 cases in George, with close to 600 deaths. We were facing
increased lockdowns, mandatory masking, and limitations in gatherings.

This is a snapshot of the environment the Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre (IYSC) was operating
under. Schooling in South Africa had faced a crisis as institutes had been forced to close during the peak
of the COVID 19 waves. The youth faced significant challenges in their educational progress, health, and
their psychosocial needs.

Into this environment stepped the IYSC. The site was able to continue most of its services in education
(science), youth projects, IT computer lab, and health support through the Dischem Youth Wellness
Clinic. Programs and services were adapted to follow all the COVID 19 protocols, and while social
distancing reduced attendance numbers, the site continued to provide crucial services, supporting the
Departments of Health and Education.

I want to commend the staff of the IYSC for their dedication, hardwork, and passion in ensuring that most
of the projects continued during the various COVID 19 waves. The staff remained calm and supportive of
the various initiatives under immense challenges. Most of the staff, at some point were infected by the
virus, however, thankfully all recovered and returned to work. We also had the support of our Interns, who
gave invaluable assistance. On behalf of the Directors, we send the staff our thanks and appreciation for
all your valuable work.

We also wish to thank the various stakeholders who supported the organization, including the WC
Department of Health, DisChem, WC Department of Education, George Municipality, the University of
Cape Town, the DSI (SAASTA), Cape Town Science Centre, and the other various roleplayers.

The Directors also wish to convey to our funders, the Hasso Plattner Foundation (HPF), a special thank
you; without their generous funding support the IYSC would not exist, nor operate.

We are approaching the conclusion of our funding cycle at the end of the year from the HPF, but have
applied for additional funding. We remain positive, as the IYSC provides a unique set of services to the
community of Thembalethu and the greater Garden Route District.

On behalf of the Board of Directors we thank all our partners and look forward to the next iteration of the


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The Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre operates under the auspices of the Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme NPC

Not for Profit Company Registration: 2015/097438/08

Isisombululo is governed by a Board of Directors and Steering Committee that meets quarterly and oversees the strategic development of the Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre.

Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme NPC is audited annually by PKF, George

Directors of the Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme:

  • Gregory Hussey
  • Brett Utian
  • Stanford Flanagan

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