The Inkcubeko Youth and Science Centre is a project of the Isisombululo Community Improvement Programme NPC. Inkcubeko is a community based youth and science centre that serves the youth of Thembalethu and the greater Garden Route District.

The centre operates as a safe space for the youth to explore how the world around them works by igniting curiosity and interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and innovation. The centre also serves as a beacon for youth empowerment, community development, capacity building, social cohesion and promoting a healthy youth culture and practices through youth orientated projects and programmes.

Science Programmes: Youth are given the opportunity to wonder about the exhibition hall, where they are able to explore interactive scientific exhibits, allowing them to discover and experience complex scientific concepts in a fun, easy to understand and memorable way. School learner workshops, programmes and competitions are developed and facilitated by the centre to offer curriculum and extracurricular support to school learners.

Youth Programmes: The centre strives to equip the youth with relevant information, knowledge, education and life skills by implementing inclusive, innovative and sustainable programmes that help the youth to embrace the hope for a better future.

Adolescent Clinic: The focus of the clinic is to promote healthy lifestyles including family planning, sex education, HIV, and substance abuse prevention.


Developing the leaders of tomorrow, by empowering the youth of today.


To be a beacon for excellence by igniting curiosity, interest and awareness within youth development and STEAMI (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and innovation) through active community engagement, with a hands-on interactive educational approach, embracing a holistic view that encompasses a focus on health: intellectually, physically and emotionally 




Contact us

11123 Ngcakani Street
Thembalethu, George

+27 (66) 196 0906


Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre